Animals sell products, but what’s it to them?

Lindsay Rattray
24 Jan , 2020

We take a lot of inspiration from nature because frankly you can’t beat the beauty created by Mother Earth. This is seen in architecture, art and fashion. We even invite nature inside our homes through flowers, plants and pets to brighten up our lives. Today it’s an aesthetic need, but once we truly needed what living beings could give us.

Back in the day, our ancestors would never have inhabited regions with a winter season, if they hadn’t worn animal skins to keep them warm. It would have been too cold to survive. Today there is no need to wear skins any longer, but there is still a big draw to animal prints. The most commonly recognised one is the leopard print, which continues to make a comeback on the catwalk. Other very recognisable prints are zebra and tiger markings.

Over the recent years, we have seen certain animals become so popular, that demand for products with butterflies, owls, [insert trendy animal] went through the roof.

Other ways, animals are used commercially, are as mascots and in branding. Nothing sells like a cool logo with an animal silhouette, or a cute or powerful animal used to promote a product. Think Lacoste with their famous crocodile, Puma, Firefox and a number of car brands. Picture commercials like Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, The Andrex Puppies, or newer ones like Compare the Market’s Meerkat double act Aleksandr and Sergei.

Animals in art

Some of our favourite movies feature animals in crucial roles to the storyline. Could you imagine Free Willy without Willy, Dumbo without Dumbo, The Lion King without all the animals, The Jungle Book, Life of Pi, and I could go on and on.

The same can be said about all arts really, because how many songs have been sung about tigers, birds, butterflies etc. How many books have been written about the natural world, how many paintings have been painted?

Look at toys. Who hasn’t grown up with a bear as their best friend, played with ponies, splashed around in the bathtub with a duck? Our childhood memories are filled with happy memories of animals whether living or depicted.

Animals can sell products, movies, toys you name it but how does it benefit them? It does very rarely. How many companies and artists can you think of, that use animals to promote their products and actually state that they also support them? They are few and far between.

If it wasn’t for animals, a lot of success stories wouldn’t have happened, yet the very animal that were exploited, might be in danger of disappearing from the wild or being mistreated in some way. Imagine if a portion of the proceeds from every product or piece of art involving animals were to be donated to their protection. Even 1% would be better than nothing. It would have a truly incredible impact on our wildlife and we might stand a better chance of bringing some of them back from the brink of extinction.

What can you do?

You can contact your favorite brands and ask them why they are not supporting the animals that they benefit from.

You can also find out how to support wildlife without harming the environment or check out our shop where 100% of the profits are donated to wildlife charities.


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