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Welcome to BHUBESi

BHUBESi means lion in Zulu and we represent a world of sustainability, fairtrade and wildlife conservation.


Our products are produced using methods that cause minimum harm to the environment. All of our garments are sourced from EarthPositive or have been created from recycled materials in order to offer you an alternative to fast fashion. Most of the designs are printed with eco friendly dyes and your orders will be sent to you in recycled cardboard boxes.

Wildlife conservation

The realisation of how critical the loss of wildlife around the globe is to their populations and also their ecosystems, was the inspiration behind our wildlife ranges. They support wildlife charities who protect endangered animals and educate local people. 

Why should you care?

That's a very good question and we can tell you why. Fashion is now the second most polluting industry in the world. Only oil pollutes more. Many people in the product chain from farmers to textile workers are being exploited and subjected to harmful chemicals, only to give you a momentarily feel-good-moment when you bag a good deal. If you don't believe us, then watch The True Cost documentary and let us talk afterwards.

Another thing you might not consider when shopping on your local highstreet, is what chemicals are used to produce your clothes. From pesticides on the cotton to dyes used to colour the textiles. Pesticides have been connected to a range of health concerns in humans, which ranges from headaches, fatigue, nausea, asthma, cancers, neurological disorders and birth defects. More and more parents are buying organic clothes for their little ones to protect them from these chemicals. More and more people are buying organic food for health and/or environmental reasons. Changing to only buying organic clothing shouldn't be such a big step. It can be difficult to find different places to buy affordable organic apparel but we will do my best to help you out. 

Social connections

We love to talk and make new friends, especially with anyone who share the same interest in changing the status quo. Do you have any ideas, comments or just want to keep up to date with my life, then connect here: