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EarthPositive Clothing

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world whilst being socially damaging as well. EarthPositive is climate neutral clothing that has been created to inspire and implement solutions to combat the climate crisis we are currently experiencing and to improve garment workers conditions.

Most of our designs are printed on EarthPositive clothing

This means our shirts are made of 100% Organic Cotton which is harvested by hand. It is turned into a garment at carbon neutral manufacturing facilities in India and dyed using eco friendly dyes that are not harmful to the environment or the workers.

Designing and printing is done in the UK using eco friendly dyes.

EarthPositive under the loop

Follows Organic Fair Trade Practices:

Being affiliated to the Fair Wear Foundation, they guarantee:

Follows sustainable practises:

 You can read more about EarthPositive on their website.